ZombieLucio Fulci started his series of zombie films that were filled with gore with his 1979 classic, Zombie.  When Dawn of the Dead became a huge hit, Lucio Fulci named his film Zombi 2, since over in Dawn of the Dead is known as Zombi in Italy.  Though Zombie was actually scripted before Dawn of the Dead was made.  This film opens with an abandoned boat floating to shore, while the police investigate the boat they are attacked by a zombie.  Soon, the boat captain’s daughter and a reporter travel to an Island where her father was last seen in hopes of finding him.  While they are there they discover what happened to her father and they must fight to survive an army of the undead.

Lucio Fulci has never turned me down when it came to watching one of his zombie movies.  My first Fulci film to see was The Beyond.   Since then I discovered his other films such as City of the Living Dead (a.k.a. Gates of Hell), and House by the Cemetery.  I never did get the chance to see his first zombie film titled Zombie because I have been waiting for the DVD.  Well, now that Anchor Bay has rereleased the DVD was it worth the wait?  It absolutely was!   Though I didn’t find this film to be as gory as City of the Living Dead was, it had some nicely done gore scenes.  There is a scene where this girl gets a splinter stabbed in her eye, there is scenes where zombies eat a dead body, they tear people’s necks open, this is a gorefest.  Though I would have liked it a lot more if the zombies started to show up a little earlier, and there would have been more scenes of them, but I still loved this film.  I eagerly awaited to see the scene where the zombie fights a shark.  Well, I finally got to see that scene, and it’s quite early in the film.  The Beyond still remains my favorite Lucio Fulci film, but I think that with repeated viewings this one could compete with The Beyond for that.  Still, this film is a prime example of why Lucio Fulci is the king of gore and Italian zombie films.   I highly recommend this to all Fulci fans, and to anyone who is just getting started in Fulci’s work.  I give this movie an 8 out of 10.

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Posted on October 23, 2008

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  1. Ray Crowe

    5 years ago

    I consider Zombie Fulci’s finest film overall, one of the better zombie movies ever made. It’s extremely eerie and gory, with fewer unintentional laughs than is common in most overdubbed Italian horror flicks of the late ’70s and ’80s.

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