Wrong TurnWhen a group of campers get lost in the woods they drive over barb-wire and end up getting stuck in the middle of a deserted dirt road.  When Chris Finn is late for a meeting and decides to take a short cut, he crashes his car into theirs.  Now, four of them go in search for a phone while two others stay back.  As Chris, Jessie, Carly, and her boyfriend Scott find a cabin deep in the woods, they soon discover that the two friends they left behind has been brutally murdered and now they must escape three deformed cannibalistic madmen from catching them before it’s too late.

Two campers are rock climbing deep in the woods.  When the boyfriend makes it to the top first, he is soon brutally murdered.  As his girlfriend tries to escape, she too is murdered.  It has been a little over a week, and Chris Finn is scheduled to be at a business meeting in a few hours, he thinks everything is going to go smoothly.  That is until he finds himself stuck in traffic where chemicals have spilled all over the road.  He decides to turn around and takes a back road.  When the road splits off into two directions, he decides to go left and when he turns his head he smashes into another car.  He gets out and meets five people going camping who had their tires caught in barb-wire.  When Jessie discovers that the barb-wire was wrapped around a tree, they realize that someone did this on purpose.  Chris, Jessie, and two others decide to go looking for some place that has a phone while two others remain at the car.  As Chris, Jessie, Carly, and Scott make their way through the woods, the two friends they left behind are brutally murdered.  The four people soon find a cabin deep in the woods, and as they search around it, they discover body parts of humans.  They try and leave, but it’s too late as the madmen of the house return home.  Scott and Carly hide in the bathroom while Jessie and Chris hide underneath the bed.  They soon witness as the corpses of the two people they left behind are cut apart.  As the madmen fall asleep, the four people decide to make their escape, but things won’t go as smoothly as planned because one of the madmen catches them leaving, and now it’s a race for survival as these deranged mountain men chase them down one by one.

This film really didn’t get much advertising, and I really think that worked out for the better.  It left us with more to imagine before we could enter the theater and see this movie.  When the film finally starts, we get to see the real reason that this film wasn’t heavily advertised.  Wrong Turn features intense scenes and brutal killings.  These aren’t the Final Destination style killings, they are killings with suspense building them up and ending with a quite gory dismiss.  This movie gets started right at the beginning of the film with two rock climbers being murdered, and it doesn’t ease up.  Within a few minutes later, the car wreck takes place between Chris and the four people.  After that it’s non-stop running from the killers with some brutal murders.  I loved the scene in the trees!  That was a very well made scene!  If you’re a fan of horror films, you will definitely want to see Wrong Turn.  This movie reminded me of such films as Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Madman, and Jeepers Creepers.  Overall, Wrong Turn is a slasher film that delivers!  I was hoping Identity would have made a good slasher, instead Wrong Turn does the job!  I highly recommend you check out Wrong Turn!  I give it a 10 out of 10.

Posted on October 23, 2008

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