witchhouse demon fireAs you can see, this DVD is loaded with extras.   The picture quality wasn’t all that great.  At times it would seem like I was watching a VHS.  But at least it’s in Widescreen.  The sound quality is pretty good.  Especially when they summon the witch, the surround sound on that scene is really nicely done.  Even though the DVD doesn’t have a great picture quality, the extras really make up for that.  We get 3 Commentary tracks, and there are so many behind the scenes interviews.  We get trailers for Witchouse 3, Vengeance of the Dead, Eddie Presley, and Bloodletting.  Though the only trailer I really liked was the Witchouse 3 trailer.  It is very rare that a company would take such care in releasing a title of theirs, and Tempe Entertainment really went the extra mile in getting this one released to the public.  They are a very low budget company, and they produce DVD’s as if they were the #1 DVD releaser out there.  This is a good film, and an excellent DVD.  With all these extras, you’ll be entertained for hours.   So do I recommend you adding this DVD into your horror DVD collection?  You bet I do!  Check for it to be released everywhere in stores on January 22nd, 2002.   I give this DVD a 9 out of 10.

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Posted on May 30, 2008

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