Wishmaster WishmasterAfter accedently freeing an evil Djinn from his gemstone prison, an auction house gemologist fights to bring his rampages to an end, as they include stealing the souls of the hapless humans whose wishes bring them to ironic early ends. Heavy on the computer-assisted effects, with some mitigating touches, such as Ted Raimi in a cameo and Englund as a stodgy art collector.

This movie is often overlooked, but it is actually a good film.  It starts out when the Djinn is first put inside the gem.  The Djinn is freed and it goes in search of people to make wishes.  Though everyone he allows to wish, they only get one, but the person who unleashed him gets three and after that person makes their third wish the world basically ends.  The character who frees him is Alex Amberson.  My favorite scene in this movie is when he pulls out a gun and blows his brains out.  That part was hilarious.  One thing about this movie is that it has cameo’s from horror legends.  Robert Englund, who plays Freddy in those Nightmare on Elm Street films plays Raymond Beaumont. Kane Hodder, who plays Jason in the Friday the 13th parts 7 through 9.  Then Tony Todd makes a cameo appearance, he played Candyman in the Candyman films.  I recommend to anyone who likes Wes Craven’s other films, this is a gorefest though which is surprising because it came out after Scream, and after Scream came out, there weren’t many movies that had much gore in it.  Check it out, I give it 7 out of 10 stars.

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Posted on October 23, 2008

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