Wishmaster 4: The Prophecy FulfilledThe Djinn from part 3 is back and this time he has a victim who will make three wishes.  Once the third wish is granted the Brotherhood of the Djinn shall awaken and the army of the Djinn will be able to walk the earth.  As the third wish is made a new villain called the Hunter is awoken and he wants to stop the Djinn by killing the one who awoken the Djinn.  Now the Djinn must grant her final wish, but it’s not a wish the Djinn can grant easily because she wishes for true love and it’s only something she can grant herself.

The movie opens with a very familiar opener.  We get the same lines that Angus Scrimm spoke in the original Wishmaster at the beginning of that film.  That same line is the opening line of this film as well.  Soon we meet Lisa and Sam, they are two lovers.  Sam was in a bad motorcycle accident and he was left not being able to walk.  As Lisa goes to meet with her lawyer he gives her a diamond, in return she awakens the Djinn and then her world becomes a nightmare.

I loved the first one and thought part 2 was good.  I hated part three when I first saw it and I haven’t watched it since.  I have determined that the Wishmaster series is really two separate series.  We have the first two films that features Andrew Divoff as the Djinn.  Then we have the last two that has John Novak playing the Djinn, though with the later two versions, he has different bodies when he’s in human form.  When I went into seeing this movie I was expecting the worst.  I hated the third and this one seemed to have a similiar, but worse storyline.  We get something about the Brotherhood of the Djinn.  A Djinn who is in love with the girl and an ancient hunter.  Comparing this to the original, I could see how it would get a bad rating, but comparing it to part 3, it’s not that bad.  It’s more of a romantic drama, but the characters are well developed and the acting is actually pretty good.  It also doesn’t really have that direct to video feel like part 3 had.  We don’t get as many killings in this one like we did in part 3, but when we do get killings they sure are gory.  The makers of this installment really knew how to add in the red stuff.  I say  that this is worth a rental and it’s better than part 3.  I give this one a 6 out of 10.

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Posted on October 23, 2008

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