Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of HellThe third installment in the Wishmaster series brings us all new characters and a new Djinn.  This time the Djinn is played by John Novak.  Diana is a coed who unleashes the Djinn.  The Djinn then takes over the body of the student’s professor and wreaks havoc on the student body at their college.   With all of Diana’s friends dying off Diana calls on the angel Michael to help her defeat the Djinn.

I was really looking forward to this one, I knew that Andrew Divoff wasn’t going to be in it.  Andrew Divoff is the guy who played Nathaniel Demerest/The Djinn in the first two films.  Now he’s been replaced by John Novak.  This one lacks the horror elements that the first one had and the cheesy comedy from the second film.  It tries to bring itself more like the original when the Djinn is in human form, making him act more human.  When Diana releases the Djinn it comes and kills the professor and takes the professor’s face which makes it look like the professor.  Much like what happened in the first film when The Djinn became Nathaniel Demerest.  Though what this film was trying to do was make it a different Djinn all together, instead of just getting someone else to play The Djinn.  Once the Djinn is released it begins to go through all the students at the college in search for Diana so she can make her three wishes.  Another thing that makes this one different then the first two is that The Djinn seems to not need the souls to build strength like in the first one, and it doesn’t need 1001 souls like in the second.  This time he just needs Diana to make three wishes.  In Diana’s second wish she calls the angel Michael to save her.  Michael comes and takes over the body of her boyfriend, Greg.   When Michael comes he brings The Sword of Justice along with him, but for some reason Diana can’t use the sword until she is ready, and Diana is the only one that can kill the Djinn because she is the one who woke him.  The first time I saw this film, I hated it.  After I viewed it a second time I realized it wasn’t all that bad.  It starts out pretty decent, with nothing special but the last 30 minutes are really a downfall.  I mean where are the people when they see the Djinn in human form on top of the car trying to get to Diana?   And when the Djinn gets smashed between two cars no one is there to see him just build himself back together?  It takes place in broad daylight at a college campus, I figured there would be plenty of people around, instead it’s just Diana, Greg, and the Djinn.  The ending to the film is really lame.  I think it would have been better if they would have let Andrew Divoff return, but that’s just me I guess.  I found the new Djinn to be really annoying.  But anyway, this one has some good gore scenes, but it’s not enough to make this movie something special.  Sadly part 4 is coming out and it’s going to have the Djinn who plays in this one.  Oh well, maybe it won’t be that bad.  If you’re a fan of the first 2, you might want to check this one out for yourself.  If you didn’t like the first 2 then you more then likely wouldn’t like this one.  I give this one a 5 out of 10.

Posted on October 23, 2008

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3 Comments → “Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of Hell”

  1. fatal

    9 years ago

    the 3rd and 4th are absolute rubbish without andrew divoff its a shame they had to replace him with a total fairy the first wishmaster was great and so was the second but its down hill from there why o why didnt they put andrew divoff in 3 and 4

  2. joel fernandez

    9 years ago

    muy buena pelicula de los 90 es de terror y uper escalofriante y lo recomiendo a cualquier persona es espeusnante

  3. habib

    9 years ago

    nice to movies

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