WishcraftWhen Brett Bumpers, a very smart geek, receives a package in the mail containing a piece of a bull, he is granted three wishes.  At first he doesn’t take it seriously.  He is hanging with a friend of his and ends up making a wish that Samantha, the most popular girl in school and the girl he’s been tutoring, would ask him to a dance.  The next day, Samantha asks Brett to the dance but doesn’t know why.  Now Brett is starting to take these wishes seriously, but something evil has started slaughtering the cliques in the high school.  When Brett discovers that his new girlfriend is next, he must use the wishcraft in order to save the girl of his dreams.

The movie opens with someone writing a letter to Brett.  The letter tells Brett that he will get three wishes, and he must be careful what he wishes for.  We are then introduced to Brett and Samantha.  Samantha is barely paying attention to Brett as he tutors her about World War 2.  While in class, the teacher goes through and tries to find someone who can answer a World War 2 question and goes through everyone.  When he reaches Samantha, who doesn’t know the answer, Brett tries to help her out.  The teacher ends up getting Brett to answer.  That afternoon as Brett gets his mail, he receivers a package in the mail.  He and his friend open it up and he is now granted three wishes.  Without taking it seriously, he makes a wish that Samantha would ask him to a dance.  The next day, without knowing why, she does.  Once the dance is over, Samantha tells Brett that they should go back to their original relationship.  Later that night, a vicious killer arrives in their town and uses a sword to kill a football player.  Soon, Brett makes a wish that Samantha would be in love with him, and the next day Samantha dumps her boyfriend, Cody, and starts to chase after Brett.  Brett now has everything he could have ever wanted, but a killer is killing through everyone at their school.  As Brett and Samantha go up to a cottage so that he can tell her about the wishcraft, the killer arrives in hopes of killing Samantha.  Now with Brett’s final wish, he must find a way to save their lives.

I was really surprised by this film.  I had avoided it time after time as I went into the video store.  Finally, I saw a copy and decided to buy it.  I didn’t really think it would be all that great, but within the first few minutes of watching this film, I noticed that the character were very well developed and really well acted.  Michael Weston, who plays Brett Bumpers, was very convincing as the know-it-all-geek.  His best friend was absolutely hilarious throughout the entire film.  The stereotyping of cliques in this film brought each character to the extreme, and each one acted it so perfectly.  The slashing is sort of a second plot to the film next to the geek getting the girl and the life of his dreams.  The finale was pretty surprising and very well done.  There isn’t much gore in this film, instead it drives on good acting, great storyline, and very well developed characters.  After the film was over, I felt like I needed to see this a second time due to the fact that I really enjoyed this movie.  It is always good when you go into a video store, pick up a movie you’ve never seen before, and end up enjoying it.  I recommend everyone checking this film out.  I give it a 7 out of 10.

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Posted on October 21, 2008

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