VersusVersus is one of those movies that has been spreading like wildfire from word of mouth by the horror masses lately, even if it is from 2000. Lately, it seems that Japanese horror is the salvation that North American horror fans have been clamoring for. With Versus, it is no exception. Versus is a movie that was and only could be made someplace like Japan. It contains really swell stuff like mind-boggling style, wicked ultra-violence, a few very humorous scenes and a story that rivals those of most big budget North American blockbusters. To put it plainly in black and white, well…Versus fucking rocks.

It’s a film about a prisoner simply dubbed “KSC2-303″ (don’t worry too much about names, they don’t matter at all in this movie. As a matter of fact, no one besides prisoner KSC2-303 is given a name!). Prisoner KSC2-303 has just escaped from jail with another prisoner, they go into a forest to rendezvous with a yakuza of sorts whom they believe will take them to a safe place. Of course, things go horribly wrong when the yakuza decides to kill his friend. Prisoner KSC2-303 grabs another *lady* hostage that the mob had previously kidnapped and together they escape into the forest. Here’s where things get a little weird, it turns out that the forest has a portal to “the other side in it”, a mysterious presence about it that causes the dead to come back to life. It also turns out that the gangsters had buried all of their past members and victims in the forest. What ensues is a whimsically neat battle between KSC2-303, the gangsters, some unconventional zombies and an immortal with a very sinister plan. Prepare for plot twists, excitement and more blood and stylish Japanese cinematography than you can even fathom.

I had originally heard about the movie through word of mouth, most notably from this very site. Well, being the sucker I am for recommendations, I decided to buy the Region 1 edition of it released by Tokyo Shock (God bless them for that, they’re also releasing a region one version of Ichi the Killer this November.). This movie was almost too awesome for it’s own good. It weighs in at a whopping (at least for a zombie/action/mob/comedy movie) 2 hours long, but don’t you worry because it is almost literally impossible to be bored through one second of this movie. All of the actors did a really great job, giving their characters a lot of, well…character. There were some really quirky ones but they worked really well in the movie. In my opinion the best performance of the movie was by the fellow who played “The Immortal”, his character was very well written and performed. The score was awesome, and it fit in really snuggly with whatever was happening on the screen. The gore was well done, and there was a refreshing abundance of it (at least in the director’s cut version). Everything about the film was pretty much perfect for me. The only small problem I had with it was the ending, but after watching the movies a couple more times, the ending may NOW be one of my favorite parts. Although I’ve only recently gotten into Japanese horror, if this is what it’s like, consider me a big fan. Do yourself the biggest favor possible. Watch Versus.

Final Rating: 10 out of 10.

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Posted on May 30, 2008

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