Urban LegendWhen New England college student Natalie finds herself at the center of a series of sadistic murders seemingly inspired by urban legends, she resolves to find the truth about Pendleton’s own legend-a twenty-five-year-old story of a student massacre at the hands of an abnormal Psych professor.  As the fraternities prepare to celebrate the macabre anniversary, Natalie discovers that she is the focus of the crazed killer’s intentions in teh ultimate urban legend–the story of her own horrific murder.

I found this movie to be really good actually.  Though the story is basically like “Screams” in the fact that the killer bases their killings on something, it’s still a good film.  It’s not as bad as its sequel.  There isn’t much gore in the film, but it does have a lot of suspense.  One of my favorite scenes is at the beginning when the killer is in the back seat.  If you don’t like the newer kind of horror movies like Scream and so on, then you probably won’t like this one.  But if you found those movies to be somewhat interesting, then you should check this one out.   I give it 6 out of 10.

Posted on September 24, 2008

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