UnderworldA war has been raging for centuries, one that pits vampires against werewolves.  The vampires have managed to push back the werewolves when Kraven, the vampire leader, defeated the werewolf leader, Lucian.  With the awakening of a master vampire only a few days away, the werewolves have found a descendent of a man who started both vampires and werewolves, and they want to make him into a half-breed, part werewolf, part vampire, but stronger than both.  Selene, a death dealer, has been hunting the werewolves, and when she notices them following a man named Michael Corvin, she takes it upon herself to track this man down and discover why the werewolves are after him.  With Selene now helping a human who has been bitten by a werewolf, she has become an enemy to both the vampires and the werewolves with Michael as the only one on her side.

Selene, a death dealer, has been hunting werewolves for as long as she has been a vampire.  She has a hatred for these creatures because they killed her family.  Her and her partner are tracking down these two werewolves, who Selene notices are following a human.  Selene and her partner follow the werewolves into a subway where the werewolves open fire.  The bullets these werewolves have created are coated with sunlight and it will kill a vampire instantly.  With an explosive fight in the  subway, Selene is the only vampire to make it out alive as she loses the werewolves.  Later that night, Selene investigates the pictures she took and realizes that these werewolves were tracking down  a human.  She learns all she can about this human, Michael, and tries to get to him before the werewolves can.  Selene discovers where Michael lives and breaks into his apartment.  Once Michael arrives, she attacks him and demands to know why the werewolves were after him.  He doesn’t know anything but doesn’t get much of a chance to speak as a pack of werewolves break in, attacking Selene.  Michael takes off running to an elevator and starts to go down.  Selene tries to catch up to him, but doesn’t manage.  She has to fight off the pack of werewolves herself and eventually creates her own elevator by shooting through the floor.  Once Michael gets to the first floor, a man is waiting there for him.  The man, Lucian, bites into Michael’s neck to test and see if Michael is the one they’re after.  Selene arrives and manages to save Michael.  She takes Michael back to her home, where other vampires live.  The vampires are not too happy with her bringing a human there, much less a werewolf.  When they discover that Michael had been  bitten by a werewolf, they demand to kill him instantly.  Michael escapes and Selene decides that she must awaken Victor, a powerful vampire master.  When she does, she disrupts the order of things because Victor wasn’t supposed to rise for another century.  Now, Selene is an outcast, hunted by both vampires and werewolves, and with the help of Michael, they will have to find a way to save Michael’s life.

I didn’t really know what to expect going in to see Underworld.  The previews made it look fairly good, but I still wasn’t too sure.  The movie is filled with fight scenes, but the dialog scenes slow the pace down quite a bit.  There is quite a bit that goes on in this film, as you can see from the paragraph above.  It seems as if I’ve spoiled the entire movie, but there is much more that goes on.  This was only the beginning of the film.  Underworld plays a lot like a Blade movie, and if Wesley Snipes would have been involved, I wouldn’t have been surprised if they just went ahead and called it Blade 3.  The movie throws out everything we ever knew about vampires and creates their own rules.  These vampires are able to walk into houses uninvited and have a reflection.  We also see that the werewolves are much stronger than any vampire, and a vampire and werewolf alone in a fight wouldn’t be a good match because the werewolf is far too powerful.  Overall, Underworld is a decent attempt to bring the Matrix-style of fighting into a vampire/werewolf film.  It’s worth at least a viewing to see it for yourself, but I wouldn’t get your hopes too high.  If you want to watch a really good action movie that has vampires in it, I recommend checking out Blade 2.  I give Underworld a 6 out of 10.

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Posted on September 24, 2008

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  1. odika okechukwu

    5 years ago

    i watched this movie long ago but decieded to have a glance one more time. this film can stand taste of time. if you have not seen it ,please i advice you viewers to get it for your self.it is the most interesting vampire story line ever.sometimes popular opinion may not be the best,the lady checking out the human made her to have contrary opinion about the war that have been ranging for centuries.watch it ,there is more than just review .thank.

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