UndeadAfter a meteor shower tears through the peaceful fishing town known as Berkeley, the residents discover that the dead have risen from their graves.  Now it’s up to two expecting parents, two cops, a beauty pageant queen, and the local crazy man named Marion, who was kidnapped by aliens, to save this town from legions of the undead.

Berkeley is a quiet and peaceful town with the children playing baseball, women out shopping, and the men fishing.  Everything is just perfect in this little town, that is until the meteors start to hit.  After killing half the people in the town, the surviving residents soon discover that the ones hit by the meteors are rising back to life in an attempt to feast on the living.  A young beauty pageant winner named Rene is on her way out of the town when she sees a car wreck.  Her agent decides to investigate the wreck only to discover dead bodies.  They try to leave when her agent is brutally attacked and killed by a zombie.  Now, Rene is on her own as she fights off a zombie.  Before she becomes zombie food, she runs into the local crazy man named Marion.  Marion uses his triple-barrel shotgun to blast away a few zombies and saves Rene.  Rene and Marion go to his house and there two expected parents arrive as well as two cops.  Luckily for them, Marion was abducted by aliens a while back and has been preparing for their return for years, therefore he has made his house into a weapon’s shop.  The remaining survivors barricade themselves in Marion’s house, but it doesn’t do much good as zombies start to break in.  Now it’s a fight for survival as the survivors try to escape legions of the undead.

While viewing this film, it is pretty easy to tell early on that the Spierig brothers were greatly influenced by the works of Peter Jackson with the sort of comical zombie feel.  Other influences these directors had is from Don Coscarelli and Sam Raimi because Marion reminded me of a mix between Ash and Reggie Bannister.  Undead features some nice gore scenes, and the opening scene with Marion blasting away some zombies is a modern day classic.  This is a zombie film much like Dead Alive in that it doesn’t take itself seriously.  There were scenes in this movie that were absolutely hilarious.  The characters were well developed as each one has a very different trait.  Overall, if you want to see a great zombie film, I do recommend you checking this one out.  Undead is the best zombie movie I’ve seen since Cemetery Man.  This movie manages to entertain from start to finish and you definitely won’t be disappointed.  I give Undead a 9 out of 10.

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Posted on September 24, 2008

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