Trick or TreatEddie Weinbauer loves hard rock music and his idol is Sammi Curr.  One morning Eddie wakes up and discovers that his beloved rock star has been killed in a hotel fire.  Now as Halloween draws near Eddie goes to the local radio station and the guy there, named Nuke, gives him the only copy of Sammi Curr’s newest and unreleased album in existance.  Nuke plans to play the new album on Halloween night, which was a special request from Sammi.  As Eddie brings the new record home he plays the record backwards only to discover that Sammi has placed hidden messages in the album, and the messages all speak directly to Eddie.  Now as Eddie brings Sammi back to life, Sammi wants to have another rock concert, playing at the Halloween dance at his old high school.  Eddie listens to Sammi until Sammi’s intentions turn deadly and now Eddie must stop Sammi before it’s too late.

The movie opens with us being introduced to Eddie.  Eddie is picked on by the jocks and they play a prank on him in the locker room.  Later Eddie meets a girl named Leslie, who does care about him, but he is too paranoid to realize it until later in the film.  Soon as Eddie gets the record he ends up playing it backwards and getting messages from Sammi himself.  Now Eddie does what Sammi says and he reverses everything on the bullies in school.  Now as Eddie has came alive through his newest album he returns to his old high school and performs a concert no one will forget.

This was pretty much just a mediocre horror film.  It reminded me a lot of the Wes Craven film, Shocker.  The main reason for that is by the way Sammi travels once he arrives.  He goes through electricity wherever the album is being played.  The first hour really doesn’t have anything happen except we get this girl who gets her ears melted off while she’s listening to the new Sammi record.  After that it continues to take a while, but once the Halloween party comes it gets pretty fast paced as Sammi chases after everyone.  It’s not a perfect horror film, but it does manage to entertain.  I couldn’t help but me reminded of the film 976-Evil for some reason though.  If you’re a fan of 976-Evil you will probably like this film as well.  It’s worth a rental.  I give it a 4 out of 10.

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Posted on September 18, 2008

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