Featured Review Tremors 3: Back to PerfectionHurt is back for Tremors 3: Back to Perfection.  This one takes place where it all started, in the town of Perfection.  This one brings us back with some of the characters from the first film.  Burt, Miguel, Mindy, Mindy’s Mom, and Melvin have all returned.  This time the Grabiods have mutated again, and now they fly.  The way they take off is by flaming farts. This time we get to see all three kinds of Grabiods.  The worm ones, the running ones, and now the flying ones.  It is up to Burt to save the town of Perfection from these Grabiods, and he’s out of ammo.I have always been a Tremors fan, back when I was younger I saw the original, and I loved.   Then came the sequel, which was another classic.  Now we get part 3.   This one pretty much ends the mutating Grabiods because it explains how their life is a cycle.  The giant worms have the Shriekers (the ones who run) and they have the new flying ones.  Well inside the flying ones are eggs for the giant worms.   Sadly in this one we don’t get to see Val, Earl, or Rhonda but we do get to see most of the original cast. This one is another fun-filled ride through the town of Perfection.  It is filled with some comic elements and a decent amount of Grabiods.   The film opens with Burt killing a whole army of Shriekers as they attack him.   Later on we see some Grabiods, one of which isn’t able to mutate so we see that one giant worm throughout the entire film, that worm seemed to have a thing for Burt.   Well, later on in the film we meet the new flying ones.  They are pretty much just like the Shriekers, except they fly.  So overall, I highly recommend this Tremors film to anyone and everyone who liked the first two.  I give this movie a 7 out of 10.

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Posted on September 18, 2008

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