Tremors 2: AftershocksThe Grabiods are back and this time standing still won’t save you.  Burt and Earl return once again to battle the Grabiods as they mutate into smaller Grabiods that run on the ground.  This time if they stand still it won’t save them because these things see you because of your body heat.  The movie starts off with Earl being contacted to help capture the rest of the Grabiods.  Earl and his friend Grady accept the offer and Earl calls on one of his long time friends to help him.   The one man who has more ammo then the entire army.  That man is Burt Gummer.   While tracking the rest of the Grabiods they are assisted by Kate, who is trying to figure out what the Grabiod’s origin is.  Earl, Grady, and Burt are all being paid for every Grabiod they kill, and if they capture one alive they get more.  Earl and Grady team up and Burt goes on his own.  Earl and Grady end up catching one alive when they wreck their truck.  As they wait for help they hear something happening to their Grabiod.  They go to check on it and see a giant hole in its stomach.   Later on they discover that the Grabiod has just multiplied and inside each Grabiod that is left, three pop out and these run.  Now it’s up to Earl, Grady, and Burt to escape these new Grabiods, called Shriekers, who see them through their body heat.

I had always liked the original.  And this one is another classic that I have always liked.  Some people say that they hated this sequel, but I really thought this one was good.  This one has more humor and more gore.   Though it’s still only rated Pg-13, but it doesn’t hurt the film with that kind of rating.  It’s still a fun-filled action packed horror film.  It is nice to see some of the original cast members returning.  This time they know more about the Grabiods and know how to handle them.  Earl and Grady sit on the ground and place a stick of TNT in a Remote-Control Car and drive it around.  Once the Grabiod eats the little truck with the TNT they press the buttons and kill the Grabiod.  One of my favorite scenes was when the Grabiod ate the chain off the back of Earl’s truck and drags them all over the site where they are hunting the Grabiods.  So overall, this is a really good Tremors film.  If you liked the first one you should give this one a try.   I give this movie a 7 out of 10.

Posted on May 30, 2008

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