Josh Randall (Mike) , Brianna Brown (Sheryl) , Nick Searcy (Clyde) , Sascha Rosemann (Deacon)

Mike and his sweetheart (sheryl) are going to west virginia for camping at the weekend.an aboriginal who was met mike and sherly,he was given a advice to them for camping.place is Timber Falls .Timber Falls has great nature and the most famous falls.and than they went to there.when sherly is shaving by herself , someone is kidnaping sherly.

At first , mike didnt want help from someone and he looked for sherly in the jungle by himself and he found a woman,he came close to woman for want help.but woman catched mike.When he open his eye,he saw sherly on the table and he looked around and he saw so many cross and  candle in the room.The family who are very worship to religion and the  nutty family catched mike and sherly for immolation.

Posted on November 9, 2008

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  1. boki

    9 years ago


  2. boki

    9 years ago

    Film je extra sve preporuke!!!!

  3. leilany

    9 years ago

    mene zanima samo kamo ga mogu skinuti…pošto ga ne mogu nigdje naći…

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