The%20Thirst%20movie%20poster ThirstA girl named Kate has been kidnapped by a secret society.  They bring her to a place they call, The Farm, and there they show her the origin of her family.  She is the last remaining of her bloodline and they want her to join with them.  These group of people aren’t normal.  They are vampires who brainwash their victims and the ones that don’t have vampire in them, they use for food.  As Kate tries frantically to escape, they capture the one thing she loves most of all, her boyfriend, Derek.  As they plan on using him for feeding, Kate must find a way for both him and her to escape the clutches of this vampire cult.

The movie opens with Kate being trapped inside a cellar.  There she wakes in a coffin and tries to get out.  A few seconds later we get a flashback of Kate as she was with her boyfriend, Derek.  Kate is planning a four week long vacation.  Derek isn’t able to go because he can’t get off of work.  After Kate and Derek talk on the phone for the last time before Kate leaves for her trip, Kate is attacked.  A group of people drug her and take her to a place they call The Farm.  Once she is there, they tell her about her ancestors.  They tell her that her ancestor was a vampire.  They then take her on a tour of the place where they show her their ways of feeding.  She tries repeatedly to escape, but has no luck.  Soon they bring her her boyfriend Derek and tell her that he’ll be the first that she must feed on.  Now Kate must not only save herself, but try to save Derek as well.

I am very particular when it comes to vampire movies.  I love vampire movies like The Lost Boys and Near Dark.  I have been let down by many vampire movies.  Unlike zombie movies, where you can just throw in a bunch of zombies and let them massacre people and I’ll be happy, in vampire films I have to have a great story, the vampires have to be stronger than the victims, and each vampire needs to be equal, or at least make all of them stronger than the victims.  Therefore, I find most vampire movies to be a disappointment.  As for Thirst, it broke all the rules I have come to know about vampire films.  They could walk in daylight and it didn’t harm them.  They only grew teeth every now and then, but most of the time chose to feed by draining the blood of their victims through machines.  Of course, this was more of a vampire cult, and that made it feel more like a cult movie instead of a vampire film.  It is an interesting movie and the actress who played Kate did an excellent job.  If you decide to view this film, don’t expect a vampire movie like Near Dark or The Lost Boys.  Instead expect to watch a horror film that deals more with cults.  I give this movie a 5 out of 10.

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Posted on September 18, 2008

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    the movie is pretty cool i love it

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