TheyAs children, Juliet, Billy, Sam, and Terry all had terrifying night terrors.  Now as adults they are starting to realize that maybe their night terrors have more meaning on them than they believed before.  The night terrors are once again returning and the group are now discovering a strange mark that is appearing on each of them.    Now, as Juliet and the rest are adults, They have come to collect what they marked years before.

The movie opens with a frightened little boy.  His mother is putting him to bed.  She tells him that nothing is going to get him, but when she leaves the room, the little boy starts to hear things coming from the closet.  The boy then does what he figures will help him hide from it, he hides under the covers.  This turns out to be of no use as They grab him and pull him under the bed.  Next we meet our star of the film, Juliet.  She receives a phone call from a childhood friend, Billy.  Billy wants to meet her because he has something important he needs to tell her.  They meet in a restaurant and there Billy tells him everything he has experienced.  After Billy tells Juliet everything, he pulls out a gun and shoots himself in the head.  At Billy’s funeral, Juliet meets two of Billy’s college friends, Sam and Terry.  They experienced night terrors as children as well.  Soon as things start to go very strange, the three stick together and try to understand what is going on as They come to collect what they marked years before.

I really enjoyed this movie.  I remember when I saw the trailer for this in theaters a couple of months ago, I thought it seemed like an interesting movie.  Well, I finally saw it and I did enjoy it.  The beginning is very good and very suspenseful, but once Billy kills himself, it gets rather slow.  For the next thirty minutes, the movie just explains about our character’s childhoods.  Once we get to the scene where Terry is looking in her apartment, things start to pick up, and from that moment on it doesn’t ease up.  I found it enjoyable, but I can see how some won’t enjoy it.  The middle of the film does get slow.  I do recommend you checking this film out.  I give this movie a 7 out of 10.

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Posted on September 18, 2008

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  1. Rohit

    7 years ago

    I not see this movie bt i see its movie’s photo on net… i think this movie is so horror… i like see the horror movies..

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