The Wolf Man

Director: Joe Johnston
Screenplay: Andrew Kevin Walker, David Self
Screen Manager: Shelly Johnson
Production: 2009, USA

Cussed as an author, Lawrence Talbot, brother of the family’s home back after extinction. Separate living together again with the father, and together they started to call his brother. Are aware of the fate awaiting him is scary.

Finished the night his mother died of Talbot’nun childhood. Calm down, after leaving the small village of Blackmoor, had worked for years to forget this incident. However, after years of fiance’s brother (Gwen Conliffe) news of the loss of her lost brother has brought back to this village to search.

Before long the most powerful in the country, a creature of the wild animals of the villagers are dead, and that suspicious news Scotland region to investigate this incident Aberline inspector comes to the village.

Jumanji and Jurassic Parc III’s master director is raising wolf man again with a different topic. Strong team player and solid construction make-up of the Wolf man likes to push forward.

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Posted on March 11, 2009

Category : Upcoming Horror Movies

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