the unborn The Unborn (2009)There are horror movies and then there are scary movies. Beyond these two, there are also movies that try to be either one of these two types. 2009’s The Unborn tries to be, well, a whole lot of different things, seemingly at the same time, but can more or less be summed up as: girl is haunted by dead kid. In case that sounds a little bit like The Grudge that’s because it is. A different twist, but the same old concept and unfortunately the director didn’t take enough creative license with this flick so we end up with a fairly unimaginative romp through the world of Odette Yustman who you may have noticed in the movie Cloverfield.
Yes, the primary point of this movie seems to be Miss Yustman and her amazing body. Perhaps it was intended as a vehicle to portray her vast wealthy of sensual offerings, but we’re lead to believe the story is the critical message here. The story is more or less a conglomeration of “bad things happening to good people”. There’s not much to say about the fact that Yustman’s character Casey is a good girl who’s being haunted by her own twin that died in the womb. Now this soul brother wants a chance to join in on the world he’s been missing out on for however long his sister’s been alive.
The film isn’t a total wreck, visually speaking, because it’s shot decently and the lighting is standard Hollywood fare, but it’s not going to offer anything you’ve been looking for if you wanted a solid scare. If you’re a fairly well versed horror fan then you will most likely be yawning within the first twenty minutes because, as with any ‘horror’ movie rated PG-13, there isn’t too much here that fits in with our beloved genre in anything more than a symbolic way. Sure, there are demonic babies and creepy looking dogs and disturbing images of bugs, but other than this there’s nothing heart pounding or electrifying in the slightest. It’s something similar to a really weak Dean Koontz book where he tries his best not to offend – it simply does not work.
Obviously, any movie that’s been made is a bigger feat than this reviewer has so far accomplished, but a spade is a spade and the bottom line here is that The Unborn retreads too much over used concepts and does not offer anything original to its audience. I take no pleasure in informing you that you can safely skip viewing this movie and be no worse for having abstained. Unless you are a particularly avid fan of either Odette Yustman in skimpy clothing or undead baby movies in general, you really won’t get much from this movie.
Because, even if you give an evil spirit a fancy Hebrew name like ‘dybbuk’, the bottom line is that it’s still an evil spirit.
Evil spirits ought to be scarier than this, even if they are babies.

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Posted on February 14, 2009

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