The UglyWhat goes on inside a killer’s mind?  Dr. Karen Shumaker is about to uncover the answer to that very question as she begins to question the life of a very brutal serial killer named Simon Cartwright.  Simon has heard of Karen’s fame from helping other criminally insane patients.  He requests that she comes and studies him.  Karen truly believes that she is reaching him, but will soon discover the true method that drives this madman as the ghosts of his past come back to make him kill again.

The movie opens with us being introduced to Simon.  Two guards who like to abuse their authority bring Simon into a room, with a bag over his head.  There he waits on Karen to arrive.  Karen runs a little bit late, but manages to get there.  Once there she begins to question Simon.  Simon tells her a bit about his childhood and how he was picked on as a child.  He recalls how three bullies mess up Simon’s face, leaving him internal scares that he still carries with him.  He recalls how he finally found happiness when he met a girl named Julie, but his mother didn’t approve and she forced the only thing he cared for away.  As Karen starts to get through to him, Simon mentions something known as The Ugly, who are ghosts from his past telling him to kill.  They won’t leave him alone until he has killed again.  Soon Simon tells Karen all about the murders he has committed and how the Ugly has turned his life upside down.

This was an amazing film.  The acting, directing, and storytelling is top notch.  As we go through Simon’s past, you cannot help but feel for the guy.  He seems to have gone through so much in his life.  He was constantly tormented by his peers, and he had a domineering mother, much like Norma Bates from Psycho.  From the very beginning of the film, the director knew how to get you hooked with very well developed characters.  The finale to the film will leave you wanting more.  My only complaint about this film was that they used black blood.  With the blood being black it at times threw the film off.  If they would have just went with red blood instead, this film would receive a perfect score.  I give The Ugly a 9 out of 10.

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Posted on September 14, 2008

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