The Thing100,000 years ago a space ship landed in the Antarctic.  An alien being inside crawled out and froze in the snow.  Now, a group of people have discovered that this alien has been freed and is now taking the form of those around them.  This alien can be anywhere and anyone, and no one can trust anyone they are here working with.

The movie opens with our stars out in the middle of the Antarctic.  Soon, a crazed man is chasing a dog with a gun and firing at everyone he comes across.  After our stars kill the man, they take the dog with them.  They then take the dog into a cage with a couple of other dogs.  That night, one of the dogs appears to be sick.  The other dogs start to bark and soon enough, the dog that looks sick starts to fall apart.  Inside, is this alien creature ready to take over the other dogs.  The group of men who are in the Antarctic go over to the cage and witness as it happens.  The alien doesn’t stop with the dogs, it goes on to take form of the humans and now no one is safe and you can’t trust anyone.

This was an amazing film!  I had heard great things about this film, but always disregarded it as just a science fiction film.  One night, I had watched part of the “Masters of Horror” hosted by Bruce Campbell and I noticed this scene from the movie, The Thing.  After viewing that I realized that this was a must see horror film so I bought the DVD.  As soon as the movie started I knew it was going to be something special.  The movie grabbed me right from the start and didn’t let me go until the credits had started to roll.  You sit there throughout the film and notice how these scientists are trapped.  They are in the middle of the Antarctic with a blizzard around them.  They are trapped inside with an alien that can be any one of them.  This movie gives you a claustrophobic feel that these characters aren’t going to make it out alive.  John Carpenter has done some great horror films, and this film shows that he is definitely a master horror director.  This movie features amazing creature effects and graphic gore.  The Thing is great from start to finish and I highly recommend you checking it out!  I give The Thing a 9 out of 10.

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Posted on September 18, 2008

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