The TerminatorIn the year 2029, the war against the machines is just ending and in one final attack, Skynet, the leader of the machines has sent a terminator to the year 1984 with a mission to kill Sarah Connor because when she has a son, her son will lead the remaining human survivors to victory against the machines.  With this machine sent back in time to kill Sarah Connor, she has no hope, that is until John sends a warrior named Kyle Reese to protect her.  If he fails, the humans fail in the war against the machines.

This film is what let the world know that Arnold Schwarzenegger has talent and he would soon become one of the most famous actors alive.   The film opens with the battle of Man vs. Machine.  Soon we see Arnold enter the year 1984 and he quickly begins his search for Sarah Connor.  Just a little while later something else enters the year 1984.  This time instead of a deadly Terminator, it’s a soldier sent to protect Sarah.  The only question is which one of them will find her first.  Luckily Reese had seen a picture of Sarah before she he knew what she looked like.  Whereas the Terminator just looked in a phone book and starts to go after every Sarah Connor in the phone book.  Reese eventually gets to Sarah and saves her during an attack in a night club, when the Terminator discovered who she was.   Now without the police’s help Reese must save Sarah from this Terminator who now knows exactly who he’s after.  I had seen this film years ago and I loved it back then.  I’ve seen this film and its sequel countless times and I’ve still managed to never get bored with this film.  This and its sequel have become two of my favorite films of all time.  Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the best actors ever and this is one of his best films.  If you haven’t seen The Terminator then you need to.  I give this movie a 10 out of 10.

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Posted on September 18, 2008

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