Featured Review The SkullsThe Skulls is a secret society that only an elite few can get into.  Luke is a college senior and every year that he has been in college he has wanted to be apart of The Skulls.  Now as it is his senior year, he finally gets the call.  Luke and other new pledges are tested, and once they pass they are entered into The Skulls.  There have been former presidents who have been apart of the Skulls.  Luke is loving life being apart of the Skulls, up until an accident happens.  An outsider wants to get inside the walls of the Skulls and find out what goes on.  As this outsider, who happens to be Luke’s friend, gets inside he is accidently killed.  Now as the Skulls try and cover it up Luke wants out.  He thought that getting in was tough, but getting out is almost impossible.

I remember seeing the preview for this movie sometime ago, though I never did watch it until recently.  After viewing the film I really didn’t know what to think.  I thought the film had a really good story behind it, but what it lacked was suspense.  The preview that I saw of this film made it look like it would be a very suspenseful movie, but I really didn’t even notice anything all that suspenseful.  Still, I liked the story, but I think the movie could have been better made.  This movie does have some good parts in it, just nothing suspenseful.  Still I think this movie is worth a rental, but I wouldn’t buy it until you have seen it and know whether or not you like it.  It’s good, but I think that it could have been so much better.  I give this movie a 6 out of 10.

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Posted on September 14, 2008

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