The Scorpion KingThe Rock stars as Mathayus, a skilled assassin.  He is on a mission to get revenge for his brother’s death and is also hired to kill this sorcerer.  When he finds out that the sorcerer is a beautiful woman he decides to take her with him because she’s being held prisoner also.  Soon Mathayus must team up with his enemies in order to stop the evil ruler that killed his brother.

The movie opens with us meeting Mathayus’s brother.  He is tied up and they are about to kill him.  Before they get the chance to, Mathayus arrives and kills almost all of them.  He frees his brother and the two set out on their way.  Soon they get hired to kill a sorcerer.  The two go on their way but they get captured by an evil ruler and the ruler kills the brother.  They then decide to let Mathayus get killed by fire ants so they bury him underground with this other guy.  The other guy escapes and he gets Mathayus out.  The two team up and go after the sorcerer.  When they arrive Mathayus discovers that the sorcerer is in fact a beautiful woman, so he takes her with him.  Now this trio must fight for their lives and team up with their enemies to stop the evil ruler.

This movie doesn’t really have as much of a plot as the Mummy did.  It’s mostly just fights after fights but it also has quite a bit of humor in it and you can’t help but enjoy this flick.  I still like the original Mummy better, but this one is a fun prequel and I enjoyed it better than The Mummy Returns.  If you want to see a good action movie that has some good humor in it, then I recommend you checking out this one.  I give this movie a 6 out of 10.

Posted on September 14, 2008

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  1. Habibe

    9 years ago

    Very fantastic movie n good actors ,i love adventure.

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