The Rules Of AttractionThe Rules of Attraction is quite an odd tale of college students.  There is Sean, who is the younger brother of American Psycho’s Patrick Bateman.  The scene where we find this out was unfortunately cut from the final film.  Sean is in love with Lauren and he thinks that she is leaving him love letters in his mail box.  Lauren is a girl who tries to avoid the frat parties at the college.  She likes both Sean and a guy named Victor.  Victor is currently backpacking in Europe, so this leaves her to want to get to know Sean.  Unfortunately for her, her roommate, Lara, wants to sleep with Sean and will try to make Lauren not see Sean.  Paul is a character who is bisexual.  He likes Sean and he used to date Lauren.  We follow Sean, Paul, and Lauren as they go through college.

At first they introduce us to most of the characters.  They are at the “End of the World Party” and Lauren is giving a bit of a commentary on what the film will be like.  We see the party and then flash back to a few months earlier where we see our three main stars.  Sean is getting love letters from someone, whom he thinks is Lauren.  He soon tries to pursue Lauren while Paul tries to pursue him.  We soon go through the film as they each attend party after party and their lives get turned upside down.

This movie is kind of difficult to explain.  I had heard that it is related to American Psycho with Sean being Patrick’s brother.  The only thing is, is that that scene was cut out of the final product.  I kept waiting for the answers to be revealed about that, but they never were.  Anyway, this movie isn’t a horror film.  I found it quite hilarious at times.  But all throughout the film, you can’t help but notice how odd and bizarre it is.  It is the story of three college students, but we see how they have drug abuse, and we see the mind of Sean, which is much like Patrick’s.  After this movie was over, I was questioning what I had just watched and it kept me thinking about it.  I thought the movie was well directed and the cast did an excellent job.  James Van Der Beek is much different in this film than you will see on his TV show, Dawson’s Creak.  It shows that he is a very talented actor.  I recommend you checking out this movie.  I give it an 8 out of 10.

Posted on September 8, 2008

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