The Rage: Carrie 2Rachel is a high school misfit who gets caught in the middle of a vicious prank – orchestrated by a group of over-sexed jocks  that turns deadly.  Once teh police bring one of the boys in for questioning, his teammates target Rachel for squealing, and hatch a devious scheme to publicly humiliate her.  But messing with Rachel is worse than playing with fire, for when her temper’s crossed it triggers a powder-keg of anger and unleashes special power that can turn a fun, house party into a mad-house inferno!

This isn’t a bad sequel to the classic Stephen King story, Carrie.  This time Carrie’s little sister Rachel is the one with the powers.  It’s fun to watch it the first time you see it, after that it gets rather boring.  It doesn’t live up to the original.  Also, I just didn’t think that Rachel was picked on enough like Carrie was.  In Carrie I felt sorry for Carrie, I didn’t feel the same way for Rachel.   But overall it’s fun to watch at least once.  I give it 4 out of 10 stars.

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Posted on September 8, 2008

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