The ProwlerIn 1945 a man in the war receives a letter from his girlfriend telling him that she wants to move on since he’s been gone for so long.  As the graduation dance draws near, the war veteran’s girlfriend and her new boyfriend make their way out of the dance and go driving in her new boyfriend’s car.  Soon the two are found brutally murdered.  Now it has been thirty-five years and a new graduation dance is being held.  As the dance begins the killer returns to slaughter more teens.  Now it is up to a deputy and his girlfriend to survive the night against the prowler.

The movie opens with us seeing a black and white picture.  We are seeing what is the end of the war.  After this we see a letter where a girl named Rosemary is breaking up with her boyfriend in the war because she has found someone else.  Soon Rosemary and her new boyfriend are brutally murdered and in her hand is left a rose.  We then switch to the year 1980 and the teenagers there are preparing another graduation dance.  As the dance starts up two teens are brutally murdered.  As our star goes into her dorm room, where the two teens were just murdered she is chased out by this prowler in a war suit.  She finds her boyfriend, who happens to be the town’s deputy and together they spend the rest of the movie trying to find this prowler as more and more teenagers are brutally murdered.

I had heard quite a bit of good things about this film, so I decided to check it out.  What I found was a film that wasn’t afraid to show us all the gory details of each murder.  Tom Savini just proves why he is the best when it comes to gore.  The acting wasn’t all that great, but what can you expect from a slasher film?  Anyway, many have considered this film a classic and for good reason too.  It is an often overlooked horror film from the 80’s, but every horror fan needs to see this.  Make sure that when you do see it you get the uncut version because you don’t want to miss out on Tom Savini’s work.  I give this movie a 7 out of 10.

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Posted on September 8, 2008

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