The PoolHigh School is finally over now that exams have finished and now these thirteen students are planning a party to celebrate.  They are planning to celebrate at this huge pool house for the weekend.  As the party begins the teens start to die off from the hands of a brutal killer who wears a skull mask and walks around with a machete.  Now it’s a fight for survival against a killer who can be anyone of them.

The movie opens with a girl waiting on her boyfriend to come to her house and eat dinner.  She hears a knocking on the door but doesn’t see anyone.  When she walks outside she sees her boyfriend’s car.  She goes to her boyfriend’s car only to find that he has been cut apart in the front seat.  She runs back into the house and locks the door, leaving the keys in the door.  Soon enough she grabs a shotgun and runs upstairs.  She sees the killer through a window and shoots at the killer, but misses.  The killer busts into the house and she drops the gun, of course.  Soon enough the killer kills her and throws her into the indoor pool.  Next up we meet our cast who are preparing to go to this abandoned indoor pool for a weekend get away now that exams are over.  As soon as they arrive the killer shows up and starts killing them off one by one.

I had heard some negative reviews for this film, but once I started hearing some positive reviews I decided to check it out.  The beginning of the film reminded me of the 1996 hit slasher Scream.  I was expecting this movie to be more along the lines of “Ripper: Letter From Hell” and “Cut,” which are films I really didn’t like.  It has an interesting opener that shows the victim out to be so stupid that there wouldn’t have been any way for her to survive.  After that we get a pretty fun flick.  We get a killer who kills off these teens in pretty unique ways.  I loved the scene when the girl is sliding down the waterslide and the killer stabs the machete up through the bottom of the slide only to have her slide right into it.  Anyway, I’ve seen better slashers but I’ve also seen a lot worse.  As for this one, it’s a fun flick and it’s something that would be fun to watch on Halloween night.  I give this movie a 7 out of 10.

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Posted on September 8, 2008

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