the others

A woman called Grace retires with her two accouchement to a abode on Jersey, appear the end of the Second World War, area she’s cat-and-mouse for her bedmate to appear aback from battle. The accouchement accept a ache which agency they cannot be affected by absolute sunlight after accepting aching in some way. They will reside abandoned there with oppressive, aberrant and about religious rules, until she needs to appoint a accumulation of agents for them. Their accession will accidentally activate to breach the rules with abrupt consequences.

It’s advancing the end of the Second World War and Grace Stewart lives with her photosensitive accouchement in a ample and bashful house. After her antecedent agents went missing, Grace accustomed the offers of plan from three new servants. Since these three accept entered the home, aberrant contest occur, and Grace begins to admiration if it’s her acumen accepting the bigger of her or if there is something abundant added in the abode with them.

** the others @ imdb TOP 50 (horror)
imdb rating: 7.8

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Posted on December 21, 2008

Category : Reviews

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