The Matrix: RevolutionsEverything that has a beginning, has an end and tonight the war will come to an end.  In the final installment of the Matrix trilogy, Neo and Trinity must travel to the machine city in order to defeat the machines and have one final battle with Agent Smith.  The city of Zion will be breached within a few hours and the machines will take over the city.  If Neo cannot stop Agent Smith and the machines, Zion will fall.

We pick up right where The Matrix Reloaded left off with Neo trapped in between two worlds.  There he must convince the train man to bring him back to his world.  Unfortunately, the Train man does not want to let Neo back into his world.  Therefore, Morpheus and Trinity team up with Seraph, the guardian of the Oracle and together they go after Neo.  Once Neo is freed, he and Trinity make their way to the machine city while Morpheus, Niobe, and Link head back to Zion in order to save the city before the machines completely take over.

In the third part of the Matrix series, we are left with more questions than answers.  The style of this film is completely different than the previous two.  Most of the film takes place in either Zion or the machine city, except for the final battle between Neo and Agent Smith.  This film moves along much quicker than either one of the previous two, but the action of this film is totally different.  Most of the action takes place in Zion where the humans use their machines to fight off the other machines.  The final battle sequence between Smith and Neo is one of the few scenes where we get the actual fighting that was in the first two films.  This fight is more explosive than any fight of the previous two films with two very equal  opponents.  After viewing The Matrix Revolutions, I have found a new appreciation for Reloaded in that it sets up the events that are to take place in this film.  Reloaded and Revolutions are really one film split into two parts.  One thing that I didn’t like with Revolutions is the comic twist that Smith seemed to have in this one.  It almost seemed as if he was part of a B-film instead of The Matrix.  Still, Revolutions is a good ending to the series, but it leaves quite a few more questions to be answered.  Overall, Revolutions is worth seeing after you have seen the first two.  I give it a 7 out of 10.

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Posted on September 8, 2008

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