The Matrix: ReloadedThe great war between the machines and Zion is only 72 hours away and it is up to Neo, Morpheus, and Trinity to end this war.  Agent Smith has returned, but he is no longer an Agent.  He now has the ability to multiply by touching a human and turning them into an Agent Smith.  Haunted by a dream that Trinity will die if she enters the Matrix to save Neo, Neo must figure a way to save Zion, defeat Agent Smith, and keep Trinity from being killed in the Matrix.

It has been a few years since Neo freed his mind from the Matrix, and since then he has become more powerful than anyone, yet many people still do not believe he is the one.  It is discovered that the sentinels are 72 hours away from Zion, and once they reach the city, they will destroy everything and everyone.  The agents have been upgraded and Neo takes a couple out.  Once inside the Matrix, Neo, Trinity, and Morpheus search for the key man in order to reach the source to end the war.  But Agent Smith will not stop until he turns everyone into an Agent.

One thing I’ve found with the Matrix Reloaded is that it gets better after each viewing.  When I first saw this in theaters I had mix emotions about it.  Mainly because there was a lot that I just missed.  Since its release, I’ve watched it two more times as well as the final, Matrix Revolutions.  The main thing about this movie is that it has no real end, and for that reason it shouldn’t be viewed as a single movie.  Reloaded is the first part of Revolutions, and together they make a solid film with an amazing ending to the trilogy.  Reloaded isn’t as good as the original film, but it does have a bigger budget, therefore giving it even more action sequences.  When the original Matrix was spoofed by almost every film that came after it due to its style of fighting, The Matrix Reloaded decides to take the action sequences up a notch, something that none of the Matrix clones were able to do.  My suggestion is to watch the entire trilogy back to back in order to understand what all is exactly going on.  This is an incomplete film and with Revolutions, the trilogy is complete.  If you didn’t like this movie the first time, give it another chance because it gets better with each viewing.  I give it a 7 out of 10.

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Posted on September 8, 2008

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