The Lovely Bones

Type: Drama / Horror / Suspense
Director: Peter Jackson
Screenplay: Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens, Alice Sebold (Book)
Image Director: Andrew Lesnie
Yapım: 2009, USA / UK / New Zealand


Mark Wahlberg (Jack Salmon) , Rachel Weisz (Abigail Salmon) , Susan Sarandon (Büyükanne Lynn) , Stanley Tucci (George Harvey) , Saoirse Ronan (Susie Salmon) , Jake Abel (Brian Nelson)

Alice was adapted from the film Sebold’s best selling novel, director of the Oscar award-winning director Peter Jackson took. Scenario Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh and Philippa wrote Boyens’s The Lovely Bones-Heaven when you see me, to a murder victim after her family and murderer from heaven that followed a little girl with a passion for revenge family lived terrible effects of the event you want to get rid of the wobble is not explained.

Oscar the small island where the movie stars Saoirse Ronan’s play leading roles in other Oscar candidate, Mark Wahlberg, Susan Sarandon, and with Oscar award-winning Rachel Weisz, Stanley Tucci, Michael Imperioli as players are.

Posted on May 2, 2009

Category : Upcoming Horror Movies

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  1. anonymous

    9 years ago

    Is is Love Story?? with suspense?

  2. Lily

    9 years ago

    this was a great book!! Can’t wait for the movie..

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