The Lost BoysSam and Michael are two brothers moving to a small town in California.  Michael meets a girl who he starts to go after, but when he meets up with her group things go terribly wrong.  Michael is tricked and turned into a vampire.  Now it’s up to his little brother, Sam, to find out who the head vampire is so that he can kill it before Michael because a full fledged vampire.  With the help of the Frog brothers, Sam goes out to save his brother and stop the vampires in California.

The movie starts with us being introduced to David and his gang.  They are at a carnival where once they are kicked out they kill a police officer.  The next day, Michael, Sam, and their mother are moving in with their grandfather.  Once there, the grandfather tells them where to and to not go.  That night, their mother goes out looking for a job while Michael and Sam go to a concert.  There Michael meets a girl named Star.  He follows this girl and eventually runs into David and his gang.  They soon test out Michael and welcome him into their group once they make him drink blood.  Now that he has become one of them, the massacre shall begin.

This is one of my top three favorite vampire films, up there with Near Dark and Fright Night.  I had seen this movie years ago and felt that it was time to pay it a new visit.  The film is still as entertaining as it was years ago.  The movie really changes its direction when the vampires decide to kill everyone at a campfire.  This scene was much different than the rest of the film, and the final battle was excellent!  I give this movie an 8 out of 10.

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Posted on August 15, 2008

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