The Hills Have EyesWhen a family is on their way to California, they get into a wreck and it leaves them stranded.  Two of the men decide to leave the women and kids behind with the oldest son in order to find help.  Things go terribly wrong when one of the men never returns and the family discovers that they aren’t alone.  Little do they know, they are being hunted by a family of cannibals who will stop and nothing to kill each and every one of them.

The Carters are on their way to California when they wreck their car and are stranded in the middle of nowhere.  The father, Bob, decides to go back to a local gas station to find help while his son in law goes in the other direction.  The two leave the rest of their family behind.  With the two men gone, Bobby, the son, is the one left in charge.  The dogs start to get a little out of hand and one of them runs off into the hills.  Bobby goes after the dog and hears something odd.  He goes up to the top of the hill to discover that his dog had been gutted.  Bobby tries to run but falls and knocks himself out.  Later that night, the rest of the family is worried about Bobby, so the little sister goes in search for him.  Bobby turns up and they head back to the trailer.  Meanwhile, the father managed to get back to the gas station only to find the owner try to hang himself.  He barely gets a story out of him when one of the cannibals breaks in and kills the owner.  Bob takes off running, but doesn’t get very far.  He isn’t able to take it and collapses onto the ground.  A few of the cannibals reach up to him and take him away.  Meanwhile, back at the trailer the family waits for Bob to arrive when the son in law comes back.  Convincing everyone that Bob will be back soon, they decide to try and get some sleep.  Bobby is afraid that something has happened to his dad, so he gets Doug, the son in law, and tries to convince him that something is out there.  They don’t believe him until the cannibals start to attack, but now it may be too late.

I had heard some pretty good things about The Hills Have Eyes, and when I heard that Anchor Bay was planning on releasing it, I knew I had to get it.  This movie is definitely one of Wes Craven’s best films.  It is dark and often pretty violent.  My only problem would have to be the cannibals.  Sometimes they seem a bit too stupid, but other times they seem to be able to get very violent.  The movie is somewhat slow at the beginning, but really picks up once the cannibals start to attack.  Once the cannibals start to attack, the remaining survivors of the family take it upon themselves to go after these cannibals, even the dog decides to help out.  It really wasn’t as gory as I was expecting, considering this is an uncut version that I saw.  There was a few gory scenes, but not as many as there could have been.  Overall, if you want to watch a good cannibal film, then I recommend you checking this movie out.  I give it an 8 out of 10.

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Posted on August 15, 2008

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