The GateWhen Glen and his older sister Al are left home alone for three days, they figure it’s going to be nothing but parties.  Al invites all her friends and Glen invites his friend Terry.  Glen and Terry notice strange things start to happen after a tree is removed from the backyard.  Now, as the two investigate and Al and her friends are brought into it, they discover that underneath the tree lies the gateway to Hell, and it is opening.

Glen is awaken one night when he hears something strange.  He goes outside and finds himself wondering into his old tree house.  Once inside, lightening strikes and the tree falls over.  We soon learn that Glen was just dreaming, and when he wakes up it’s workers outside who is cutting down the tree.  Glen and his friend Terry watch as the tree is cut down.  As the tree is being carried off, Glen notices a weird rock fall out of it.  The two try to crack it open but have no luck.  Later that day, Glen’s parents go out of town and Glen is left alone with his older sister Al.  Everything is going to be a non-stop party, but things go terribly wrong when Terry sleeps over.  Terry finds Glen’s dog dead and now the house is doing strange things.  Something is moving around in the walls and there are odd noises.  As Al has her friends over, they all discover these little strange creatures that are attacking the house.  Glen and Terry must now use an old rock album to find a way of closing the gates of Hell before more of these little demons break through and it becomes Hell on Earth.

The Gate always was one of my favorites as a kid.  This was one horror film I can remember watching back when I first started watching horror films.  After a number of years without seeing this film, and the DVD release of this film, I knew it had to go in my collection.  The movie has very few bloody scenes, mainly because it’s rated PG-13.  Still, with that kind of rating it doesn’t allow this film to hold anything back.  It delivers some well made demons, even though they were made with clay.  Still, this is a classic 80’s horror film and one to watch late at night.  You probably won’t find this film scary at all, in fact there really isn’t anything scary about it.  The Gate is one of those underrated 80’s gems and one that every horror fan should see.  I give it a 7 out of 10.

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Posted on August 1, 2008

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