The ForsakenSean is on a cross-country road trip to attend his sister’s wedding, when he does the one thing he was warned not to do; He picks up a hitchhiker. Soon, this trip is transformed into a nightmare. Sean’s new companion, Nick, is infected with a deadly the “virus” but is able to keep from turning because of a pill he takes.  Sean and Nick pick up a dazed and frightened girl, Megan, who has been left for dead by the vampires. Unfortunately, Megan is not only a victim, but also human bait. Soon, Sean is infected and finally forces Nick to tell him everything he knows about the legend of the forsaken. Nick informs Sean that the only cure for their ‘disease’ is to kill the vicious leader of the vampire gang. What started as a casual cross-country trip, has now become a deadly race against time.

2001 is already looking to be a really good year in horror.  First we had “Valentine” to get it started and it wasn’t bad.  Now we have The Forsaken which is a vampire film.  The Forsaken is a great film.  It is much different then the movies from 2000.  This is a quite unique vampire film, nothing like the classics.  This one changes everything we used to know about vampires.  You never see their fangs and they don’t change their faces or anything.  The vampires use guns to kill their victims, except for one scene where the lead vampire shoves his fist through a guys stomach.  The Forsaken is far superior to John Carpenter’s Vampires.  If you are looking for a really good vampire film I recommend you check out this one. It is one of the best vampire films to come out in a while.  I give it 8 out of 10 stars.

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Posted on August 1, 2008

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