The Exorcism of Emily Rose


Laura Linney (Erin Bruner) , Tom Wilkinson (Peder Moore) , Campbell Scott (Ethan Thomas) , Jennifer Carpenter (Emily Rose) , Colm Feore (Karl Gunderson) , Joshua Close (Jason) , Ken Welsh (Dr. Mueller) , Duncan Fraser (Dr. Cartwright)

Emily Rose is a younger girl and she is nineteen years old and catholic college girl.She think devil enter into her body and she decided ,request help but medical support didnt works.Still ,nighmare andĀ  paroxysm not finish.after she start religion ritual with peder moore.When she was in ritual,she died. than open a case about emily’s death scandal , ambitious lawyer Erin bruner assigns to caseĀ  and he investigated this situation.There is a battle between science and religion in the court

IMDB rating : 6.8/10 24,621 votes

AHM rating : 7.5/10

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Posted on November 29, 2008

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