The Dorm that Dripped BloodA group of four college students decide to stay at their college dorm over Christmas break.  They figured that everything would be all right, until the phone lines go dead, the power goes out, and they are plunged into the darkness with a brutal killer stalking them and killing them off one by one.  With no way to call for help and the killer could be anywhere, they have to try and survive before they meet a brutal end by a savage killer.

The movie opens with a guy running from something.  He looks very scared and is running in an alley.  Soon he finds a place to hide, but he chooses the wrong place because where he decides to hide the killer is right behind him.  The killer stabs the guy and kills him.  Later on we meet this girl who is getting ready to go home for the Christmas holidays.  Her parents are waiting in the car for her to come out.  When it takes her a while her parents then decide to go and check on her.  Soon all three of them are killed by the killer.  Next up we meet our stars.  They are getting ready to stay for the next few weeks.  Pretty soon they are being stalked one by one by a killer.

I really didn’t know what to expect when I was starting to view this film.  With the opening scene I thought this movie might be a pretty good slasher.  The movie has a pretty good pace and the killer is pretty violent but there are a lot of things in this movie that just wasn’t needed.  The characters seemed to have no brain at all.  I mean these people are college students, yet they hear something on the roof and the girl says, you guys go check.  I’ll stay here alone and wait for the guy who is missing.  Why someone would decide to stay alone in a dark room when someone is missing I may never know.  Also, I can’t even remember any of the characters names.  But anyway, I guess it’s because it’s just a movie.  Still, it is quite entertaining if you can look past how stupid the characters are.  If you’re a fan of slashers do check this movie out.  I give it a 5 out of 10.

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Posted on July 31, 2008

Category : Reviews


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