The Dead Zone: Season 1Based upon Stephen King’s book/movie, “The Dead Zone”, this television show takes things a lot further. After being in a coma for seven years, as a result of a car accident, Johnny Smith suddenly awakes unexpectedly. He seems fine, except for one thing; every time he touches somebody, or some inanimate objects, he gets visions. These visions vary all the time, with most of them being about things that have either happened in the past, or things that are going to happen in the future. This is a result of Johnny’s “dead zone” area of his brain, which is an inactive part that has just started to work, due to the fact that the brain is trying to find passages around the damaged areas, in order to work efficiently. They could just be a short-term effect of the collision, or perhaps even a long-term effect. Nobody has any idea.

1 x 1 Wheel of Fortune: Johnny Smith was just an ordinary member of society. He taught science at a local high school, along with his fiancé, Sarah. Everything is going fine, until one night, on his way to the movie store, Johnnie gets into a huge car accident that puts him into a coma for seven years. He awakens to a completely different world than he knew before.

This was the episode that started it all. It had to be good, in order to hook viewers. Well, it definitely did its job, because, after watching that episode, I wanted to see more. This was a well-made episode, making me see why the USA network decided to buy this show (this episode, along with episode 2, made up the pilot episode).

1 x 2 What it Seems: Johnny starts to have some weird visions in the hospital. One of these visions has to do with a man’s long lost mother, while the other has to do with a small child, trapped in a burning home. The third, and most important one, has to do with a nurse by the name of Allison. Johnny seems to think that Allison will be killed one night when she is returning home from work. When she disappears, not only do the police lead an investigation (after they’ve been tipped off by Johnny), but Johnny also begins his own investigation into her disappearance.

This episode was just as good as the first one, adding a lot more action into the story, putting most of the character development that was evident in the first episode, to the back burner (even though there still is quite a bit, there isn’t as much). The storyline was well written for this episode, and I found it to be a very well made episode, that entertained me fully.

1 x 3 Quality of Life: Since his passion for teaching is so high, Johnny decides to return to the teaching profession. He also ends up becoming an assistant hockey coach, for the school team. But, something is wrong. Johnny gets a vision that the star player has something wrong with his heart, and when nobody listens to him, Johnny fears for the worst.

Since I’m a huge hockey fan, I enjoyed this episode quite a bit. Christopher Masterson (Francis on the show Malcolm in the Middle) guest stars as the star hockey player, Todd Paley. This episode combines great acting, good writing, as well as good directing, into one. Even if you aren’t a hockey fan, you should like this episode quite a bit.

1 x 4 Enigma: Johnny goes out on his first date since he was in a coma, and finds out first hand, that nothing is as easy as it seems. During the midst of his dating woes, Johnny is also asked by his friend/physical therapist, Bruce, if he will assist one of his elderly patients. Arthur, an elderly man, though to be delusional, thinks that he saw his long lost love of 40+ years, in New York. Johnny senses something in him and heads to the Big Apple to find out the truth, for both himself, and for Arthur.

This episode is definitely one of the more dramatic episodes in the entire season, and I enjoyed it quite a bit. Even though it’s not one of the best episodes, it still ended up being quite good. I found a couple parts confusing, but hey, a good show makes you think. I also really like how they captured the atmosphere of the 1940s as well as they did. The acting was superb as well.

1 x 5 Netherworld: Johnny awakens in the morning, finding himself in a perfect world, where he was never separated from Sarah. Everything seems too good to be true; Johnny doesn’t know what is happening, but everything seems believable. Things turn from good to worse, when Johnny goes to the mall with Sheriff Walt Bannerman (Sarah’s husband in every episode except this one). There, Johnny witnesses a strange vision of some sort of explosion. Now, he must race to find out what is going to happen at the mall. Will there be enough time to save everyone?

This was definitely a weird episode; that’s for sure. The episode was well-written, well-acted, and very believable. This was probably one of the more interesting episodes in the season. It’s definitely worth a watch

1 x 6 The House: Home life has never been a problem for Johnny, until he starts having strange visions, inside his home. These visions have to do with the way that his mother died. These visions are incredibly disturbing, with one even involving a bath tub overflowing with blood. These visions lead him to question what actually happened the day his mother died. The first person he starts questioning is Reverend Jean Purdy.

This was a weird episode, because it’s the kind of episode you never see coming. The conclusion is something that I won’t ruin for you, but it’s something that will disturb you (actually, all the knowledge you gain during the whole episode, will leave you in disbelief). This was a good, entertaining episode, which is well worth seeing. It leads you to question the people who surround Johnny more.

1 x 7 Unreasonable Doubt: Johnny is sent a letter, informing him that he has some jury duty to complete. The case is to do with a young gang member, accused of murdering a store owner. Although he doesn’t mind it at first, everything starts going downhill. Nobody will believe him (about his abilities), and they won’t listen to him either. He’s the only one who believes that the kid is innocent of the crime, and he has to do his best to persuade everyone else to believe in his point of view.

This was an alright episode; definitely not one of the best. The dialogue was well-written, but there wasn’t much to the episode. I don’t know where I would rank this episode, compared to the others in the seasons, but it still holds up pretty well on its own. Not bad, but not great. Quite interesting, though.

1 x 8: The Siege: In this episode, Johnny attempts to change the foreseen (by him at least) outcome of a bank robbery attempt. If that isn’t bad enough; Sarah is also inside the bank with him, as well as many other hostages. In an attempt to save everyone inside the bank, also to make sure that the robber isn’t killed by the police, Johnny must use his every mind trick he’s got.

This was another good episode, with great writing, great acting, and an awesome storyline. You really get to see how much Johnny cares for Sarah, and that he would do anything for her, even if it meant risking his own life. I’m sure you probably had that idea before anyway, but this episode definitely proves it.

1 x 9: Enemy Mind: When Johnny aids Walt, in his search for a runaway girl, he becomes exposed to some mind altering drugs that affect his brain. His visions become blurry, and he starts doing weird things, and acting abruptly. During all this, he still attempts to save the girl, while his friends try to get him to the hospital, in order to make sure everything’s alright.

This was an entertaining episode, and was a pretty solid episode. It kind of mimics what “real life” of kids on the street is like. This episode really draws you in, and will make you feel compassionate for both Johnny and the girl. Definitely watch this one.

1 x 10: Here Be the Witches: While visiting the town of Hobb’s Landing, Johnny is suspected of murdering a local mother and her children. The thing is that, when they heard about his abilities, they automatically suspected that he was a witch, and locked him up. Now, Bruce must help his friend prove his innocence, before he is killed by the unruly townspeople. They must be stopped, before everything is taken too far.

This was merely an okay episode, there really wasn’t anything special about it. The storyline was pretty cool, but nothing else was that good about it. You’ll probably enjoy it, but I’m sure you’ll agree that they could have done better.

1 x 11: Dinner With Dana: Johnny and Dana’s relationship begins to intensify, but a jealous ex-lover of Dana’s begins to stalk her, threatening her, and using physical force in an attempt to get his way. Dana makes it to Johnny’s house, though, where she is to have dinner with him, and to also do an interview with him. The thing is that one thing leads to another, and soon enough they’re having sex. Johnny receives a vision during the intercourse, of two bright lights, which he doesn’t realize until later, that they are the man’s headlights. In his drunken rage, he plans on killing Dana. Will Johnny be able to save her?

This was a pretty interesting episode, again, not one of the best, but pretty entertaining. It really allows the viewer to get a feel for how much Johnny and Dana like each other, and to what level their relationship has actually gotten to. After this episode, you’ll definitely feel a lot more compassion for Dana, that’s for sure.

1 x 12: Shaman: While on a therapeutic hiking vacation, Johnny receives a vision, which shows a meteor hitting a mountain. After attempting to find it via a telescope, at the local observatory, he decides to take matters into his own hands, attempting to find the mountain, so that he can get an accurate description of the trajectory of the comet. Inside the mountain, though, he encounters the ghost of a native man, who lived hundreds of years ago. What does the ghost have to say to Johnny? What’s up with the vision he had, regarding the meteor?

I would have to say that this is probably my least favorite episode in the first season, just because it really isn’t that entertaining. I mean, it’s still worth watching, but don’t expect it to be an amazing episode or anything. Ah well, every show has bad episodes.

1 x 13: Destiny: Flashing back to Johnny’s childhood, we see an encounter that he had, when a Bible salesman and his son came to his family’s door. He had a weird feeling about the son, and when he shook his hand, he saw a strange vision showing some sort of terrible dangerous happening, in the future.

In the present, Johnny is confronted with a job offer, to tutor a rich high school student, so that he will be able to get a scholarship to college. He accepts, but he doesn’t know what he’s getting himself into. You see, on the day of graduation, Johnny shakes the boy’s hand, and experiences a vision, showing the local restaurant, where a graduation party is planned to take place, on fire after it is struck by lightning. Even though he confronts the owner of the restaurant about the vision, the owner is quick to shun him, and says that he will not close the restaurant on his busiest day of the year.

The boy that Johnny tutors’ dad decides that he will throw the graduation party at their house, but when Johnny notices that quite a few kids are missing, he and Dana go to the restaurant to check things out. It seems as if Johnny was right all along; why doesn’t anyone listen to him anymore?

I really liked this episode, because it was both interesting and confusing at the same time. I never had any idea of what was going to happen next, but I always wanted to see. But I guess the premiere of the second season will be the second half, so I’ll just wait until I get that to see what happened. This is probably one of the better episodes, in my opinion. It’s really entertaining.

Overall, I can now safely say that this is in my top 3, at least top 5, favorite shows. There’s just something about it that makes it so unique and interesting, drawing me into every episode. The writing, acting, and directing, are all done well in this show. Every episode is at least pretty good, so you don’t have to worry about quality; this show definitely delivers. I recommend getting the DVD, because everyone needs to see this great show.  10 out of 10.

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Posted on July 29, 2008

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