The Dead Next DoorZombies are taking over the world and now it is up to a small group of people who call themselves the zombie squad to save the world.  While the zombie squad is rounding up the zombies, a doctor tries to find a cure for the epidemic.

The movie opens with us being introduced to Dr. Bow.  He and his daughter are running away from something in his house.  They aren’t able to escape and zombies break free.  It is five years later and zombies have taken over the world and it is up to the zombie squad to kill off the zombies.  We meet our heroes as they go into this house where zombies have eaten the residence.  They go in and soon enough they see the zombies.  One of the zombie squad chops off a zombie’s head and for some odd reason, he knows that the zombie is still alive, but he places his hand in the zombie’s mouth.  Well, you can guess what happens next.  The zombie bites the guys fingers off and sure enough he gets infected.  The rest of the movie is pretty much the zombie squad going after the zombies while a doctor who is in love with his hat tries to find Dr. Bow’s cure.  We also run into people who want the zombie squad to let the zombies live in peace.

One thing I have to give credit to this movie for is for the fact that it pays so much homage to all those horror films we love.  The plot is pretty much just like Hell of the Living Dead, but I enjoyed this one more.  We get a movie that is pretty much loaded with gore.  The acting is horrible and I wouldn’t be surprised if they just pulled these actors off the street and let them play in a movie.  We get all these characters who are named after famous horror icons.  We get Dr. Savini, Mr. Raimi, Carpenter, etc.  We even have a reverend who has a zombie he’s training, much like in Day of the Dead, but this zombie is named Jason.  I would guess that this comes from the Friday the 13th series.  The movie starts out really bad, but it begins to pick up.  It is very fast paced and when it was over I was kind of surprised by how much time went by so quickly.  It’s not the best zombie film, but it’s far from the worst.  After it’s over what we get is a mediocre zombie movie that really is used to pay homage to other well established horror films.  If you’re a fan of splatter movies or zombie movies I do recommend you checking this one out.  I give it a 5 out of 10.

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Posted on July 29, 2008

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