The Day They Came BackThe dead have risen to feast on the living.  When a research laboratory that has remained unknown to the public has a chemical explosion, troops are sent in to investigate.  What they find will change them forever.  The dead have risen and the soldiers must make it out alive, before it’s too late.The Day They Came Back is a short indie zombie film that was shot on the Panasonic DVX100A with a budget of 3,000.  The film features great locations, solid acting, and great zombie make-up packed in this short non-stop zombie film.  The location for the film gives it a very bleak and atmospheric feel, very gritty and intense.  The cinematography is also spot on that helps this film stand out.

The actors did a great job in this film.  Even though that most of them are unknowns, they carried this film very well, which is something you don’t see in many indie horror flicks.

The thing I liked about this film was that it is an enjoyable film that takes itself seriously.  Most of the time, I’ll see an indie film that suffers because the filmmaker chose to make it a comedy with horror references.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t like horror comedies, because I do, but what I mean by this is that you don’t have to throw comedy in the film to sell it.  Horror films can carry themselves as a horror film if the filmmaker realizes what they have to work with and just goes with it, and that’s what Scott Goldberg did.  It is clear early on, just by watching the first few minutes, that the director has a passion for what he’s doing.  I highly recommend you checking out this film.

The film is available online and can be viewed here.

Posted on May 30, 2008

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