The CrowOn October 30th, the night before two young lovers were to be married, they were brutally murdered. Shelly was raped and murdered but survived for thirty hours before she eventually died at the hospital. Eric, her boyfriend, was on his way in and saw what was taking place. He was stabbed and thrown out of a window, falling six stories. Now, a year has passed and a crow has arrived in town. They say that a crow brings the souls of the departed to their final resting place, but when a soul isn’t ready to rest, it allows them to come back and seek vengeance against those who have wronged them. Now, on October 30th, a year later, Eric has returned from his grave to seek vengeance against those who murdered Shelly and him.

The Crow opens with the murder of Eric and Shelly. Soon, it’s a year later and we see a crow land on the grave of Eric Draven. Within moments, the ground where Eric is buried starts to rise and Eric crawls out. Eric stumbles for a while, but arrives back to his home, where he was murdered a year before. While on his way back home, he starts to remember everything that happened to him and Shelly on the night of their death. Now, with the help of two old friends, Sarah and Sergeant Albrecht, he will track down everyone who was there and assisted in the murder.

This is quite possibly one of the best films ever made. Brandon Lee did a wonderful job in this film, sadly he was killed during the filming of this film. The Crow is a very dark film. Eric Draven is a character that is driven for vengeance, and that was why he was brought back. If you have not yet seen the original Crow film, then you are missing out on a great film. I highly recommend you checking this movie out. I give it a 10 out of 10.

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Posted on July 29, 2008

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