The Crow: City of AngelsYears have passed since the events of the first film.  Now a new soul has been called to be guided by the crow.  A man and his son are brutally murdered and dumped into a lake.  Ashe, the father, rises from his watery grave and with the guidance of a woman named Sarah, he will seek out his revenge.  Sarah has seen this before, when she was a child her friend Eric returned from the grave to defend his and his fiancée’s death.  Now, Ashe will seek out all of those responsible for his and his son’s murder and he will seek out bloody revenge.

Ashe and his son Danny have been captured by a gang of murderers.  Their boss has told them not to leave any witnesses.  They shoot Danny, then Ashe and dump them into a lake.  After these events take place, a young woman named Sarah begins to have dreams of Ashe’s murder.  She goes to the peer where Ashe and his son were dumped and she witnesses as Ashe returns from his watery grave.  She has seen this before with her friend Eric.  She guides Ashe as he learns what he must do to be with his son.  Ashe then sets out to kill everyone responsible for his and his son’s murder.

It had been a number of years since my last viewing of this movie.  So recently, I decided to pay this film a revisit.  I had forgotten by just how much fun this film is.  If I were to compare this one to the original, than I would definitely be disappointed.  None of the Crow movies can compare to that film.  The character of Ashe does a pretty good job in giving us a performance that will make you sympathize with him.  The film itself isn’t as dark as the previous one.  Anyway, this is an entertaining and non-stop fun flick.  I do recommend you checking it out if you enjoy the Crow movies.  I give this movie a 7 out of 10.

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Posted on July 29, 2008

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