The CraziesWhen a plane crashes in the mountains above a small town, it unleashes a deadly virus known as Trixie on the small town of Evans City.  Now, soldiers have been brought into the city to gather up all of the people in the town and quarantine the entire town.  Soon, the soldiers get orders to kill anyone who appears to be infected.  So, as the soldiers become trigger happy, a group of people eventually manage to escape the solders and they seek safety in the woods.  Now, as each one begins to become crazy, they must keep away from the soldiers before it is too late.

It is late at night and two kids are awake.  The brother is trying to scare the sister, but they end up finding something else that catches their attention.  The brother notices his father is acting a bit crazy in another room.  The daughter goes to find the mother and finds her body in the bedroom.  The father then sets the house on fire.  Our main characters are then introduced as the fire department calls up David to join them in putting out the fire.  Meanwhile, Judy, David’s girlfriend, gets a call from the town’s doctor to come in and help him with two kids who have been badly burned.  Once there, the doctor tells Judy to leave and take an antidote so that she can escape with her baby.  She goes in search for David, and they eventually run into each other, but the soldiers who have invaded the town catch them.  Judy, David, and his friend Clanker are now being sent to the local high school.  Inside the van transporting them is a sick man and a man and his daughter.  Once everyone in the van discovers what is going on, they manage to escape, but the daughter has been infected, and soon it’ll start to pass to the rest of them.  The soldiers continue capturing everyone in the town in hopes of keeping it from spreading outside of Evans City.

The Crazies is a fast paced movie that starts right at the very beginning.  George A. Romero is mostly known for his Living Dead Trilogy, but what he isn’t often recognized for is his other films.  The Crazies is a movie that portrays a society gone mad.  What if the government has a deadly virus that is used for war?  Well, what if it accidentally gets unleashed on a small town?  The Crazies answers these questions as we witness people going completely mad, parents killing their children, and violent and brutal deaths.  I wouldn’t say that this film has much gore, but what it does have is tons of blood.  The movie is quite messy.  Overall, I would say that George Romero does an excellent job with this film and it is very underrated.  I give this movie a 7 out of 10.

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Posted on July 29, 2008

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