The ConventA group of college students decide to go into a Convent, where 40 years earlier a young girl walked in and soaked the halls with gasoline and blew everyone away.  Once they are inside they get caught by the cops and are forced to leave.  Though one of them decides to stay, the goth chick named Monica.   When they leave her she is kidnapped by Devil Worshippers, they sacrifice her and end up bringing back all the demons who then take over the body of all her friends as they all come back and try to save her.

There are severed heads, people being torn apart, and blood everywhere in this film.  It starts out with the character named, Christine, going into the Convent and killing everyone inside because they are possessed by demons.   This film is a lot like those horror movies you’d see during the 80’s when it was loaded with gore.  It is a hilarious film.  There isn’t anything really scary about this movie because it’s mostly just a fun film to watch.  It starts out hilarious, and once the demons show up it is non-stop violence.  Coolio plays the crazy cop who was always good for a laugh.  Adrienne Barbeau plays Christine and really makes this a great film, with her knowledge of what all is going on at The Convent and her knowing how to stop these things.  I can’t believe that studios are sitting there and sending movies like this straight-to-video and allowing horrible films like Urban Legends 2 in theaters.  But anyway, if you are looking for a really good horror film to watch one late night with a group of your buddies, I highly recommend getting this film.  It reminds me so much of classic 80’s films as, Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, Demons, and Night of the Demons.  It even has a bit of The Exorcist in there, when a demon throws up some green stuff on a girl.  Definitely check this film out!  I give it a 9 out of 10.

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Posted on July 28, 2008

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