The ChurchThe Church, also known as Demons 3, is about a church that was built on top of where a group of knights back in the 13th century killed a group of devil worshipers.  The knights brutally murdered each and every one of them.   Now it is present day and the church still stands.  As a group of people enter this ancient church, they get sealed in and some angry spirits are released from somewhere deep inside the church.  Now as these demons take over the people, it is up to the few left alive to keep the demons from getting out and infecting the entire world, and for them to save themselves.

I had high hopes for this film, mainly because it is Demons 3.  Maybe if they would have just left it as The Church and didn’t try to make it Demons 3 I would have enjoyed it better.  I loved the original Demons, and Demons 2 was an entertaining sequel, though not nearly as good.  As for The Church, the demon effects aren’t good at all.  That demon dog, or whatever it was looked more like a puppet.  Most of the characers were annoying and it seemed like they just didn’t notice that strange things were happening.  It never really goes crazy in the end like Demons and Demons 2 do.  None of the demons seem to really just go after anyone, they do a few times but it’s not like in the first 2 films.  I guess maybe I just started watching this movie with too high of hopes.  Oh well, I’m going to have to give this film a 5 out of 10.

Posted on July 28, 2008

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