The Butterfly EffectThroughout his life, Evan would black out traumatizing events.  Now, as he gets ready to graduate college with a degree in Psychology, he has found a way to remember the events that were blacked out.  By going back to these memories, he soon discovers that he can change the event.  With good intentions in mind, he starts to change things to make things perfect for everyone; however, in return he ends up destroying the lives of everyone around him.  Now he must figure out a way to change things so that everything can work out, except every time he goes back, things continue to change for the worse.

As Evan starts to write a note in an attempt to go back one final time, we are taken to the beginning where Evan first started having his blackouts.  In his school class, Evan’s mother talks with his teacher.  His teacher tells her that she asked the students to draw an image of what they wanted to be when they grew up.  Evan drew a picture of him standing over a bunch of dead people with a knife in his hand.  Evan is then sent to a doctor where he is told to keep a journal of everything to help him jog his memory.  Throughout his life, he continued to have his blackouts during traumatizing events.  Once in college, he picks up his old journals and starts to read them.  He goes back to where they placed a stick of dynamite in a lady’s mailbox and it killed her and her baby.  He drops his cigarette onto his shirt and it burns his stomach.  Once he goes back to present day, he discovers that he now has a cigarette burn on his stomach.  He then pays his old friend Lenny a visit to make sure what had originally happened.  When he sees Lenny, he discovers that the kid is still very traumatized.  He then pays Kayleigh a visit only to find out that her life has been completely ruined as well.  The next day, she kills herself and Tommy, Kayleigh’s brother, threatens to kill Evan.  Evan then decides that if he can cause a cigarette burn to appear on him by changing that in the past, maybe he can change Kayleigh’s life.  He then goes back in time in order to help keep her alive.  This embarks Evan on a journey through time where he discovers that each time he goes back, he changes something else for the worse.

It seems that many people had low expectations for this film because of Ashton Kutcher doing a serious role.  I have never really paid much attention to Ashton Kutcher before this movie.  Therefore, I had no hatred towards him and that wasn’t going to effect my viewing of the movie in any way.  During the first part of the movie, the audience is introduced to a number of disturbing things that could possibly happen in childhood.  We are also left with a great deal of mystery as to what happened during the blackouts.  During these scenes, Tommy’s character is developed very well and delivers a truly psychotic performance.  Around the middle of the movie, when Evan starts to travel back in time, the movie goes from being quite disturbing at times to being a complete mystery as to what will happen to these characters.  However, this is also where the plot holes are first introduced into the film.  As Evan goes back, he does change things for certain characters, however it does not mention what happens to other characters, they are simply removed from the story until Evan changes things again.  However, this movie moves at a fast pace.  The characters were developed very well and the actors did a great job in their roles.  If you had your doubts about Ashton Kutcher doing a serious role, he does it very well.  Overall, this movie is worth checking out.  I give it a 7 out of 10.

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Posted on July 28, 2008

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