The BurningWhen a couple of campers decide to play a prank on a camp counselor, their prank is no longer funny when the counselor gets burned almost to death.  Now five years later, those campers are now counselors and the camp counselor they burned years ago is back to get revenge on those who did him wrong.  Now as the campers are going away on a three day rafting trip, the campers and counselors have to try to survive this maniac before he kills them all.

The movie opens with a couple of campers playing a joke on this counselor while he is sleeping.  They place the head of a corpse in front of him, and when he wakes up he knocks the candle over onto his bed, causing him to be burned.  Later we switch to five years later and he is just being released out of the hospital where the doctors say that they can do nothing for his horribly burned face.  Soon it switches to the camp grounds where the campers are spending their summer vacation.  Eventually they decide to go on a rafting trip and the killer decides to come along and get revenge.

I had heard so much about this film, so I was eagerly awaiting to see it.  Well, for my first viewing I chose to see the uncut DVD version of it.  I got to see it in all its gory glory.  Tom Savini did a wonderful job with the effects in this film.  I got to see the raft scene fully uncut and it was really well made.  I enjoyed this movie and I think every slasher fan would enjoy it also.  This is a classic film from the 80’s and it deserves to be in everyone’s collection.  I give it a 7 out of 10.

Posted on July 28, 2008

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