Cameron Diaz (Norma Lewis) , James Marsden (Arthur Lewis) , Frank Langella (Arlington Steward) , Gillian Jacobs (Dana Steward)

Norma and Arthur Lewis as a child and is a couple who live in the suburbs. One day left in front of the door with a wooden box, all life begins to change.

Besides, there is not a box. Not on, if you press the button on the top of the box, they will have a million dollars is written. In this case, however, a corner of the world no reason to kill a person’s will not recognize. Norma and Arthur themselves in the moral dilemma bulucaklard─▒r. Their decision will wait for them.

To the throne in our hearts with Donnie Darco, mixing heads with Resurrection Story last film director Richard Kelly’nin let’s look at The Box this time in the audience how to create a reaction.

Posted on March 13, 2009

Category : Upcoming Horror Movies

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