The Attic ExpeditionsTrevor Blackburn has killed his wife in a sacrificial ritual and the doctors have done an experimental surgery on him, and as a result he was left in a coma for the past four years.  The year is now 2004 and he is finally awake.  Now Dr. Ek, played by Jeffrey Combs, has scheduled for Trevor to be sent to a house with other mentally disturbed people.  As he is in the house he starts to have dreams about something in a trunk in the attic and now he must confide in his only friend in the place, Douglas who is a bit insane as well.  Together they try to unlock the secrets of what’s in the attic.  Is this all something that’s going on in Trevor’s head, or is something after him?The movie opens with us witnessing Trevor kill his wife.  At first his wife attacks him because she wants to sacrifice him, but the camera moves around and we really don’t see what happen.  All we know is that she has been killed and he is calling 911 saying that there has been a murder.  Next we skip to seeing Trevor going through surgery, after that it is four years later and Trevor is waking up in a hospital bed.  It is his first time awake in four years, and he goes to meet Dr. Ek.  Dr. Ek arranges for Trevor to be sent to a home for the mentally unstable.  They call this house the House of Love.  There he meets Abbey, who runs this place.  Later she introduces them to all the patients.  There is Amy, there is Douglas, who is played by Seth Green, who is convinced that everyone in this place is nuts and he needs to get out.  He then offers Trevor some homemade gum.  We also meet Ronald and his talking hand, and we meet the lady who thinks she is writing the world, so she continues to type on her typewriter.  Soon we learn that Dr. Ek has placed cameras all through the house and is planning on watching everything that Trevor does.  Meanwhile murders start to happen and Trevor starts to dream of the trunk in the attic, and he dreams that his dead girlfriend Faith, is the one behind all of this.
When I saw the trailer for this movie I couldn’t wait to see it.  I really didn’t know much about this movie, or even the plot, but it looked good.  Well after viewing this film I’m still thinking about it.  They always say that a good movie is one you can think about afterwards.  Well to some extent I agree.  This movie didn’t have the best of acting.  Jeffrey Combs did a wonderful job, but the best performance in this film was that of Seth Green playing Douglas.  He made everything so believable.  He would constantly say how everyone else is crazy and think he was normal, but he just gave off that hint that he is insane as well.  Of course he is living in a nuthouse so I guess he would be insane.  Anyway, the first half of the movie really didn’t build much in the horror sense.  I couldn’t help but find it amusing as Seth Green cracked me up with his performance of Douglas, and the character Ronald was hilarious with his talking hand puppet.  Anyway, I really don’t want to give away anything, except I did figure out the ending in a way near the start of the movie.  So the ending didn’t surprise me as much, but it was a good ending nonetheless.  Once we see the killer, things just really pick up for this film.  After the halfway point, the film loses it’s humor and starts to throw us in every direction they could possibly throw us in.  It becomes confusing, but the last 20 when he discover what all has happened and who the killer is, it really becomes a fun flick to watch.  This is definitely worth a rental.  I give it a 7 out of 10.

Posted on July 27, 2008

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